Free Week 17 NFL Picks and Laser-Accurate Expert Predictions

Week 16 of the 2013 NFL season saw MOST of the AFC playoff picture become finalized. All four AFC divisions are locked up, and the Kansas City Chiefs own the first wildcard. The second is up for grabs based on the week 17 results. The NFC Playoff situation is the exact opposite. Not a single division is clinched yet and only three teams are guaranteed at least a wild card. Let’s see how it all pans out in our free week 17 NFL picks and expert predictions.

If you read our week 17 NFL Playoffs scenario post, you’d know that there is still plenty of football left to play and much more to decide. On the 1:00 slate, the Dolphins and Ravens are fighting for the final AFC wild card. The Chargers are as well, but playing later in the day and their fate may be sealed by then. If Miami wins against the Jets and the Ravens lose in Cincinnati, the Dolphins are in the playoffs. Our experts have picked a Miami win so we’ll leave it at that.


There are seven games scheduled for 4:25 in week 17. After they are all played, all but one playoff spot will be locked up. According to our picks, in the NFC, the Saints will fall just short of a division title, but take a wild card… which doesn’t help them much since they are a different team on the road. Green Bay and Seattle will win their divisions as well.

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As for the flexed Sunday Night Football game of the Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys, nobody wants to touch it yet due to the drama that always seems to surround the Cowboys. Reports are coming in ranging from Tony Romo being done of the year to he is fine to play. I’m sure the situation will drag on until Sunday and continue to fluctuate from Romo being 100% to him dying.

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We may or may not update our Free Week 17 NFL Picks and expert predictions if anything changes before Sunday… like the status of a certain QB.