The Unaired Big Bang Theory Pilot Shows the Sexual Side of Sheldon Cooper (VIDEO)

The beginnings of what has become a juggernaut of a network show are much different than what we currently see on the Big Bang Theory. The original blueprint for the Big Bang Theory was designed by morphing two show ideas into one for the unaired pilot. Chuck Lorre had an idea about a small town girl trying to make it in the big city. He also had a show idea about a two geeks sharing an apartment. The ideas were snowballed into one and the pilot for the Big Bang Theory was born.

Originally the “Penny” character was to live with Sheldon and Leonard in a “Three’s Company” type of situation. After tooling the “Penny” role to make her seem sweeter and more Midwestern she was safely moved across the hall.

Sheldon’s character took on the biggest changes. In the pilot Sheldon Cooper is a sex obsessed nerd. The original pilot has one of Sheldon and Leonard’s coworkers talking about having sex with Sheldon at a Star Trek convention. She goes on to state “He was doing such an effective job portraying a Vulcan caught up in the pon farr mating fever that I couldn’t say no.” When the producers decided to shed Sheldon of his overactive sex drive Howard Wolowitz was born to add some blue humor to the show.

There are some great YouTube clips of the pilot below you can also watch the full complete Big Bang Theory Unaired pilot here.

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The Original Big Bang Theory Pilot Shows the Sexual Side of Sheldon Cooper

Katie The Original “Penny”