Flashback Friday: Anne Hathaway’s Hottest Nude Scenes (Video)

Anne Hathaway seems to have been trying to reinvent herself after her second installment of the kid friendly The Princess Diaries series. Anne Hathaway took two roles in 2005 to show her darker side as an actress. One role was to take a part in the critically acclaimed Brokeback Mountain. Anne Hathaway‘s other film decision was a role in the movie Havoc, a film loaded with nudity and sex. In the film two rich girls get thrown into the Latino gang culture of East LA., and they get banged a lot.

Anne Hathaway could have skipped that gratuitous and bordering on violent sex of Havoc seeing Brokeback Mountain became the most talked about movie that year. Staring in Havoc with Anne Hathaway was Bijou Phillips. Bijou Phillips actually plays the sluttier of the two rich girls and seems to take to the crotch burrito with fervor.

The movie is full of shallow Latino stereotypes and the dialog is painful to listen to. However, Havoc does show Anne Hathaway naked and Bijou Phillips being stuffed like a Taco Bell gordita, cream cheese and all.

It you want to see the hottest nude scenes from Anne Hathaway’s film Havoc including Bijou Phillips getting banged like a screen door in a hurricane click below.  Also, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

Flashback Friday: Anne Hathaway’s Hottest Nude Scenes (Video)