Argue With a Judge, 300 Days in Jail – Contempt of Court (Video)

We will typically post what we think is one of the most hilarious viral videos of the week. This week’s video is more sad than funny, depending on your point of view. Ebony Burks was charged with assault and decided to get lippy with a judge. The judge quickly gives the Ebony Burks a 30 day dope-smack for contempt of court but that doesn’t faze the woman at all.

Ebony Burks starts to rack up 30 days bids in jail like someone going for points in the bonus round of a video game. In video game fashion she racks up the big points for hitting the judge with a f-bomb. Someone needs to reedit this clip with classic video game graphics and sounds. I could hear the classic Mortal Combat “FINISH HIM” when the judge says “see you in 6 months’.

She should have kept her fat mouth shut!!! Ebony Burks earned the dubious distinction earlier this month of drawing the longest jail sentence that Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett has ever handed down for contempt of court.

Argue With a Judge, 300 Days in Jail – Contempt (Video)