Review – Natural Whey Protein Powder from About Time Nutrition

For individuals interested in a natural product one of our favorite brands is About Time. Not only is About Time’s whey protein isolate one of cleanest whey protein powders on the market, it also tastes pretty good with the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter being the most popular flavors. If you are considering a natural protein supplement like About Time here are just a few of the reasons why some consumers have chosen the About Time Natural whey protein product:

• Cold processed, micro filtered 100% whey protein isolate
• 25 grams of protein, 100 calories
• Zero sugar
• No artificial sweeteners
• Lactose and gluten free
• No growth hormones

The key components of a natural protein that may separate it from other products are the sweeteners used as well as the flavoring agents. The natural products are typically using stevia as a sweetener and using natural flavoring agents as well. Traditional protein powders often use sucralose (an artificial sweetener) as a sweetener and also use artificial flavoring agents as well. Some natural brands will also source the milk, which is the basis of whey protein, from sources that don’t use growth hormone.

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