The Top 8 Video Game Couples

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I’ve decided to honor the “holiday” with a love/couple focused Top 8 video game couples. You will not find Mario and Peach on this list. I’m still not convinced they’re an actual couple. You will also find these game hacking tutorials on very helpful.

Be warned, there are some spoilers in these entries.

Adv Island8. Master Higgins & Tina (Adventure Island 2 & 3)

Who hasn’t dreamed of being on a tropical island with a bikini clad female companion? Really, just me? Oh well. In the original Adventure Island, Master Higgins had to rescue a princess. It wasn’t until Adventure Island 2 that the Princesses sister, and Master Higgins’ main squeeze, Tina became the subject of the alien kidnappings. Despite the constant trouble, Master Higgins and Tina are always shown as a nice happy couple and he is willing to take on all dangers and ride dinosaurs to save her.

Starfox7. Fox McCloud & Krystal (Starfox Adventures, Starfox Assault, Starfox Command)

First of all, I am not a furry, I just think they deserve a mention. Ever since rescuing her in Starfox Adventures, Krystal has stayed by Fox’s side, even learning to fly an arwing to be of assistance to the team, leaving behind all she knew on her home planet. While there are numerous alternate endings in Starfox Command, including one in which Krystal leaves for Starwolf, I choose to believe the one that keeps them together. Hopefully Nintendo will give us a sequel at some point letting us know exactly where the Starfox team currently stands.

FF6. Locke & Celes (Final Fantasy VI)

Probably not the most well known couple from a Final Fantasy game, but my love of FFVI compels me to pick them. They’re very different people, but eventually come together as the game moves on. The deal is sealed when Locke’s lost love, Rachel, comes to Locke and Celes, to encourage Locke to move on from her and giving Celes her blessing over their relationship. This game always makes me emotional. This is also the game that made me play WoW which I’m still playing till this day, I even bought Wow Classic Gold to avoid endless farming.

Ninja Gaiden5. Ryu Hyabusa & Irene Lew (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy)

I’m referring here to the original NES trilogy. The appeal of this couple is that both are very capable people. While Ryu’s abilities are well-known, Irene is a CIA agent that can clearly take care of herself for the most part. They have been through many difficulties, including what appears to be Irene’s death at Ryu’s hands in the third game, but in the end, they are still there for each other, despite the forces trying to pull them apart.

Dead Space4. Isaac Clarke & Nicole Brennan (Dead Space, Dead Space 2)

Yes, I realize that Nicole is dead, but it’s her apparition (or Isaac’s hallucination) that drives him through the first game, and provides him with motivation in the second. You have to respect a relationship that drives the protagonist even after he realizes the person he’s been attempting to save is beyond his reach.

Shadow of the Colossus3. Wander & Mono (Shadow of the Colossus)

In this case, Wander’s love interest has already passed and his driving force (and the point of the game) is to revive her. Anyone that’s played this game knows what the character has to go through to achieve this. With only the guarantee of a powerful entity, Wander sets out and slays multiple towering creatures, constantly putting his own life at risk. When, at the completion of his tasks, he is slain (essentially) and Mono is revived, you feel that even had he known this would be the result he still would have done it to have her live.

Xenoblade2. Shulk & Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Xenoblade Chronicles is a tale of vengeance. While the relationship between Shulk and Fiora is evident to everyone except Shulk at the beginning of the game, it is her apparent death that sets up the entire reason for the game to exist. Shulk (and a few of his companions) is completely driven by vengeance, even saying so much within the game. There is no nobler cause or reasoning by him, his entire reason for embarking on his journey is to destroy the one that killed her. While there is more meat to the story as you progress in the game, it is this one act that starts all the gears moving. Also, I’ve never been happier to see a plot twist as I was in this game and the truth behind what has happened to Fiora.

Legend of Zelda1. Link & Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)

While it’s widely assumed that these two generally end up together, it’s very confirmed in Skyward Sword. After defeating Demise, both Zelda and Link decide against returning to Skyloft and choose to stay on mainland Hyrule to populate the land. This also sets up all future relationships between the two; the princess and the chosen one. While all of the couples on this list are interesting, this is the only one that is meant to exist by fate, and for that reason, it claims the number one spot.

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