Adult Website Features Visitors’ Search Terms in Real Time Stream

Every so often, for a few laughs, we take a look at the traffic logs for this site to see what search strings are bringing visitors to We’ll see terms like “Octomom’s p*ssy” and “zoo porn” pop up as well searches for naked pics of celebrities that have already met their maker such as Dana Plato and Lucille Ball. And like clockwork, every time she is in the news, we are flooded with traffic from visitors searching for “Casey Anthony nude”.

Since we’re too drunk most of the time to capitalize on such entertainment, we let some other websites cash in. The statisticians over at PornMD, a search engine exclusively for porn, did just that. They are now featuring a live stream of the keywords their world-wide visitors are searching for, at the moment they hit the enter key. You can check it out at

In the first few seconds we visited the stream, we were treated to entertaining search strings such as “insest [sic] creampie”, “rim job fail” and “mother son hentai”. Yes, you live in the same world (possibly the same house) as human beings who actually searched for those types of porn.

To add to the fun, the live search stream can be controlled with rewind and pause buttons, and filtered to feature terms from Straight, Gay and Tranny categories.

So, if you’re easily entertained by the F’d up search terms that entertain others, check out the PornMD live stream.