Review Downbeats Ear Plugs – Great for Musicians, Concert Goers and Sports Fans

Being a musician and a construction worker in the past I have worn every type of hearing protection imaginable. While the application of hearing protection is vastly different for these two applications the goal is the same, to protect your hearing.

These days I find myself carrying ear protection for multiple situations. Sporting events, concerts, jam sessions, yard work and even in loud clubs. The problem I run into is the off the shelve drugstore ear plugs that are more than serviceable for mowing the lawn rob me of sonic nuances when playing guitar of attending a concert. The live bands sound muffled and at times it is difficult for me to clearly hear what is going on with my guitar.  

I recently gave Downbeats ear plugs a shot at solving my hearing protection issues with great results. The Downbeats ear plugs are low profile and very comfortable. It is refreshing not to look like a goon with huge wads of plastic sticking out of my ears. The sonic performance of Downbeats ear plugs is amazing. Downbeats ear plugs reduces sound evenly across frequencies for natural sound. So if my guitar is feeding back or my amp is humming I can hear and control it. No more dirty looks from my bandmate.

In a concert setting the band sounds more natural and enjoyable. It is a treat to leave a show without my ears ringing and my head throbbing. The sound reduction of 18 decibels (dB) is more than enough to make concert volumes enjoyable but does not mute the sound so much I cannot enjoy the show.

Downbeats ear plugs are reusable and come in a neat metal case that can be attached to your keychain, backpack or gig bag. Retailing under $10 per pair Downbeats ear plugs make for an inexpensive investment in your hearing. Check them out at