Vivid Cabaret NYC Strippers Celebrate Baseball’s Opening Day (PICS)

It’s been a long, cold winter, but warmer days are not very far off. To hell with that groundhog, Major League Baseball’s opening day is one of the first indicators that the spring is here and summer will soon follow.

Baseball fans around the world are rejoicing that their favorite team has already taken the field for their first game of 2014, or will be within the next 24 hours. Baseball fanatics come in many different shapes and sizes, but one particular group of fans are more than thrilled that MLB is back in action… the girls at Vivid Cabaret in New York City.

Seeing professional athletes having a good time at the new Vivid Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan is a familiar sight. “They love watching the exotic dancers on the pole… it’s 27 feet tall, you know,” explained Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Abby.

“So far, I’ve danced for football players here at the club. I’ve danced for hockey players. I’ve danced for basketball players. But I am really a baseball fan, so I’m glad the season has begun. I’m anxious to meet some baseball guys, and I know they will be coming here,” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Julianna.

“A lot of athletes are regulars in the VIP Ultra Lounge on the club’s second floor – where they are surrounded by tons of sexy Vivid Cabaret Girls,” cooed Vivid Cabaret Girl Jasmine. “No matter where you sit, you are going to have a great time,” explained Vivid Cabaret Girl Honey. “There’s like 100 hot sexy girls taking off their clothes here–who wouldn’t like that?” she gushed.

The girls put on their favorite baseball gear to celebrate baseball’s opening day, but don’t worry… they won’t keep it on for long. Check out some the girls below…

For more information on the new Vivid Cabaret New York check out their official site.