Johnny Manziel Draft Contest – Updated News and Mock Drafts

It’s only been a week since we introduced our 2014 Johnny Manziel Draft Contest and there are already tons of news updates on the controversial (former) college QB. A new set of mock drafts have him moving all over the board as well. At this point, if you take all of the “expert” opinions into account, Johnny Football could go anywhere from first overall to undrafted.

The Johnny Manziel pro day came and went and the overall reaction to the show he put on was a positive one. Immediately after, NFL analyst Mike Mayock re-ranked Manziel to the top of the quarterback class in the 2014 NFL draft.


Kevin Patra at reported that 30 of the 32 NFL teams attended the pro day, with only the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears not sending any representatives.

The latest news is that Johnny will have private meetings with the Houston Texans and New England Patriots this week, if he hasn’t done so already. Below are a few link to mock drafts to assist you in your quest to determine where Johnny Football will be selected and by which team. Spoiler Alert! All three of these guys are calling early first round:

Pete Prisco – – First Round, 5th overall, by the Oakland Raiders

Charlie Campbell – – First Round, 8th overall, by the Minnesota Vikings

Don Banks – – First Round, 1st overall, by the Houston Texans

Where do you think Johnny Manziel will be selected in the 2014 NFL Draft? Why leave it to just the “experts” to predict?


If you are unfamiliar with our 2014 Johnny Manziel NFL Draft contest, visit the original announcement and entry page for the rules and entry form. You can enter each day until the kickoff of the 2014 NFL Draft.