2014 March Madness Printable Bracket – Final Four Update

The 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, March Madness, is down to its final three games. The Final Four are Florida, UConn, Wisconsin and Kentucky. Both final four games will be played on Saturday April 5th starting with Florida vs. University of Connecticut at 6:09pm followed by Wisconsin vs. Kentucky at 8:49pm. Click the image of the printable bracket below to see a PDF version, updated with all the results to date, you can print at home.

Florida is the lone #1 seed in the Final Four with Wisconsin being the only remaining #2. UConn entered the tournament as a #7 and Kentucky a #8. Both mid-seeds obviously had to best some favorites to get to this point. For UConn, they took out #2 Villanova in an early round while Kentucky bested #1 Wichita State in a Sweet 16 game.


The winners of Saturday’s games will play for the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship on Sunday the 7th. Will it be the higher seeds facing off in North Texas or will the underdogs, whose schools are still no strangers to the the Final Four, have their day? The odds say it will be a higher seed playing one of the lower seeds.

NCAA.com is hosting both an interactive online bracket as well as the 2014 March Madness updated printable bracket below. Check out ncaa.com/interactive-bracket/basketball-men/d1 for access to both brackets or simply click the image of the bracket below for a PDF version you can immediately print:

2014 March Madness Updated Printable Bracket:


Good luck in your office pools… unless you are like me and have no teams remaining. If the 2014 March Madness Printable bracket above will help you in your quest to be this year’s Final Four office champion… go for it.