Review Porter Cable 8V MAX Impact Screwdriver

With the snow finally fading away this is the time of year that my wife’s honey-do list takes on a life of its own. The next few months I will be dragging tools all over this house from project to project. My most used tool on most household projects it my trusty screw gun. I reach for it for everything from putting up curtain rods to doing car repairs. The only downside with my 18v screw gun is it is bulky and heavy, working with it on ladders can sometimes be clumsy.

This spring the issues I have had in the past with my bulky screw gun have been resolved. The folks at Porter Cable have designed the 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver that is not only easy to handle but also packs a lot a power. The 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver has enough power for most tradesmen’s applications. This little marvel is extremely fast and packs a lot of torque. Still, it is very easy to handle and in a pinch I can hold it in my jeans pocket if I need my hands free.

The 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver has a quick load chuck that makes changing bits a snap. Making the switching of bits even easier is the magnetic bit holders on top of this little unit. The unit itself has a tough plastic housing with rubber accents on the body and solid rubber grips on the handle. This makes the 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver less likely to slip out of your sweaty hands on hot summer days.

The lithium battery is housed in the handle and is charged with a simple wall charger. Not having yet another charging base taking up real estate on my workbench is a huge plus. As you can see the 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver has a lot of upside. Pushing this little wonder over the top for me is the built-in led illuminating your work.

With 10 times the speed and two times the torque the 8V MAX* Impact Screwdriver will quickly become one of your favorite tools.