Grandmothers Can’t Figure Out How to Smoke a Bong

Grandmas are funny when it comes to pot. I am not talking about ha-ha funny, we are taking weird funny. On 4/20 these grannies were shocked to find out it was National Marijuana Day. One of the funniest comments was “so today you get to smoke all the pot you want?” Obviously they have never seen the likes of Seth Rogen or Snoop Dog. Those guys smoke all the pot they want every day.

One of the grannies glosses on about the time she tried pot brownies and laughed her head off. Yet another goes into detail about how pot makes everything from food to sex much better. This dare I say is the wild granny, she might get toasted and end up in a granny porn any day now.

I do think this is scripted and staged, still it is beyond funny.