Sofia Vergara Deletes Butt Shot From Twitter, But Not Fast Enough! (PIC)

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara posted and then promptly deleted this picture of her ass in a thong to her Twitter. Sofia is wearing a thong but let’s be real this is nothing but, butt floss. To be honest these pictures are nothing new. Sofia Vergara has done some nude modeling as you can see here. So being naked, topless or all thonged up is nothing new for the Colombian smokeshow.

Typical the fame trail has some on at the top of their game and slowly loosing articles of clothing as their fame fades. Sofia Vergara was in the game for a while and she has snapped more than her share of topless and thong picture along her rise to fame.

We have blurred Sofia Vergara’s nude ass to keep our sponsors in check. However if it is safe for the beach it is sure enough safe for that being said it is definitely not safe for work. Sofia Vergara’s career could be interesting to watch play out. She could retire comfortably on her Modern Family residuals when the show is over. I get the feeling the fame monster will bite and we will be seeing more and more of Sofia Vergara as her fame rides off into the sunset.

So for your enjoyment here is the uncensored, edited  Sofia Vergara Twitter butt shot. Be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.

Sofia Vergara Ass Shot From Twitter