Top 5 Fat Burning Supplements

1) BCAA’s – Research has shown that BCAAs can help with fat loss. This research has shown that people whose diet contains high amounts of BCAAs are thinner than people who consume lower amounts. It is thought that Leucine may raise the body’s metabolic rate and Leucine appears not to be the only slimming factor in BCAAs.

2) Ursolic Acid – Although the science is preliminary Ursolic Acid seems to be able to reduce fat accumulation and increase muscle when calories are consumed in maintenance amounts. And it has shown the ability to reduce body fat and preserve muscle when in a fasted state. Look for it in ANS Diesel Force or Muscle Up.

3) Caffeine – What caffeine does is to increase free flowing fatty acids from your fat stores allowing you to access fat instead of carbohydrates or lean muscle for energy. If you have a bit of stubborn body fat, a bit of caffeine right before working out can help you isolate it. If you do chose to ingest caffeine before working out, make sure and make the most of your workout.

4) “Good” fats – Healthy fats can promote the body’s use of fat as fuel, changing the body’s fuel source from carbohydrates and protein, allowing it to tap into fats as a source of energy. These fats can support overall health as well as a healthy weight.

5) Capsimax – Capsimax Capsicum Extract is a proprietary encapsulated form of concentrated natural capsicum fruit extract manufactured from hot red peppers. Derived from the hot pepper plant, Capsimax not only boosts your metabolic rate and increases your energy levels but also curbs your appetite so you eat less and have fewer cravings. Look for it in G6 Thermobrn.

Dominick Walsh is a blogger for Performance Nutrition and and covers all men’s health topics and exercise issues including protein powders, diets, weight loss, weight lifting supplements, fat burners and supplement reviews. Dominick’s columns cover everything you need to know about your pre, during and post workout nutrition.