Review: G6 Sports Thermobrn – Pre-workout Supplement and Fat Burner

What is it: G6 Thermobrn is formulated for energy and to increase metabolism. It could probably be considered a new category of product as it bridges the gap between a pre-workout supplement and a formula that is designed for fat burning. Simply put the Thermobrn formula is designed for individuals looking to increase workout intensity and optimize body fat loss.

Key ingredients:
N Acetyl Tyrosine
N Acetyl Tyrosine is an amino acid that is used in the body to produce noradrenaline and dopamine; when taken as a supplement it appears to combat stress (which tends to deplete noradrenaline).

L-carnitine and its derivative, GPLC or Glycocarn have been used extensively over the last couple of decades for a variety of conditions. GPLC may have the capability to enhance energy production and may also protect mitochondria (our energy production machinery) from oxidative stress. GPLC may be even more metabolically significant than other carnitine derivatives due to the fact that it has a high affinity to skeletal and cardiac muscle. That is, the uptake by skeletal and cardiac muscles for GPLC is much higher than for other carnitine derivatives.

Capsimax is a patented composition of capsicum extract. A number of clinical studies on the active component of Capsimax, capsaicinoids, have shown that they help manage appetite, support healthy metabolism to burn calories, help increase energy expenditure, all significant benefits for weight management and sports performance. One study carried out at the University of Oklahoma showed that taking Capsimax before exercise helps to raise metabolism before, during and after exertion. Capsimax may also stimulate the ‘digestion’ of carbohydrates (sugars) in runners at rest and during exercise.

Synephrine which is also known as bitter orange may act to support a healthy metabolism.

Green Coffee
The compound Chlorogenic Acid found inside green coffee beans may have an effect on weight loss. Chlorogenic Acid seems to have the ability to inhibit the release of glucose in the body while increasing metabolism or fat burning in the liver.

What we like about this product:
The energy component on this product will help users get mentally focused and provide additional intensity for a good workout or for daily activities. Most users find that it provides a nice energy boost without jitters or anxiousness. The Thermobrn formula also uses ingredients like Capsimax that have studies that support their effectiveness.

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