Cluster Dextrin – A Fat Burning Carbohydrate?

Cluster Dextrin, a Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin demonstrates the potential to replenish energy levels at speeds that may surpass those of other carbohydrates, including dextrose, maltodextrin, and waxy maize starch following intense exercise. Rapid gastric emptying may also help to reduce the cramping and bloating effects that can be experienced with other carbohydrate sources.

Cyclic dextrin’s are a specific group of carbohydrate that are essentially six to eight molecules of dextrose chemically bonded together in the shape of a ring. This ring structure is what gives cyclic dextrin some benefits you will not find with maltodextrin or other common carbohydrates.

All serious athletes know the importance of carbohydrates. They are a primary fuel source, and are needed to replace muscle glycogen, and are essential for optimal performance. However, carbohydrates behave very differently depending on their properties. High molecular weight Cluster Dextrin is absorbed slowly in the body, balancing insulin secretion with lipid breakdown. This means unlike other carbohydrates that immediately halt fatty acid breakdown, your body can keep using fats for fuel even after this carbohydrate source is ingested.

Cluster Dextrin also appears to improve endurance and exercise performance. Studies on athletes show that it was able to lower levels of exhaustion and reduce stress hormones. This lead to overall improvements in athletic performance and conditioning.

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