Couple Gets Busted Having Public Sex at Bus Stop (Video)

If you are going to be brazen enough to have sex at a bus stop don’t act so shocked when you get caught. This couple are out in broad daylight ripping it up and get videoed by some passersby. Personally I thought it was a bit rude to interrupt them but hey to each their own.

Now this young lady is immortalized forever on the pages of the interwebs with other infamous public sex and nudity videos. No she is not as bad a Bottle Girl but this chick is in the running. The line that hits home in this video is when one of the people off camera say “that’s somebody’s daughter”. Indeed it is and now all of his golf buddies are watching this in the clubhouse.

This video does beg some questions. Was the couple really waiting for the bus? If so would they stop if the bus pulled up or ask the driver to wait ‘til they finished? The big question is what kind of crotch rot do you get from dragging you balls on a public bus bench.

Couple Gets Busted Having Sex at Bus Stop