Review: Costa Del Mar Sunglasses – Max Style and Max Protection

Summer has officially arrived. Yes, this is the first day of summer and I am kicking it off with a new look. This is thanks to the folks at Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. As the sun is beaming into your windshields I know some of you are fumbling around in your glove boxes looking for the same beat up pair of sunglasses you have been rocking for years.

Do yourself a favor – it is time to protect your eyes and an upgrade your image. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses boast the “clearest lens on the planet”. Their Patented 580 technology enhances colors by blocking harsh yellow light & eliminates haze & blur by blocking blue light. Their “beyond” polarized lens kills reflected glare, eye-strain and provide 100% UV blockage for max protection.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Costa Del Mar sunglasses look cool as hell. We tried out a pair of Costa Del Mar “Cut” sunglasses. The “Cut” frames come in 9 different colors when you add the countless lens options available it is easy to customize a pair to fit your style.

The “Cut” have a sharp design and are lightweight. They feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. The rubber lined nose pads and ear pieces give you the ultimate in comfort. The arms of the glasses have a bit of spring in them clasping the sunglasses securely to your head. I can confidently wear the “Cut” while enjoying summertime activities without out the fear they will go flying off of my head.

If the “Cut” are not your thing don’t worry. Costa Del Mar has pages of frame and lens options. You will find the sharpest sport, casual and retro frames. All of these styles share the same 580 lens technology giving the sharpest in optics and the ultimate protection.

You can find out more about these fantastic sunglasses at or check them out on Twitter at @CostaSunglasses