30% of Men Not Sure How to Sexually Please Women

Promescent, maker of the first FDA-compliant treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), has found that over 30% of men are not sure how to please their partner in the bedroom. The company issued surveys to men and women, and the findings are crystal clear: men need some help. According to the survey, 40% of women achieve orgasm less than half of the times they have sex, yet 20%do not feel comfortable discussing their sexual needs with their partners. More than half of women also report that their men reach climax within 5 minutes, and 23% are done in two minutes. This is depressing news since it takes most women seventeen minutes to reach orgasm.

To provide the best Big O Crash Course, Promescent brought in Dr. Emily Morse, voted the #1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com and the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter. In response to the survey results, the star from Bravo TV’s Miss Advised has some advice couples can follow, especially those in the 30%:

  1. Communication is lubrication: If you don’t learn to communicate with your partner about your sex life, you won’t be able to have a long term, fulfilling sex life. Many couples have no problem communicating with each other, except when it comes to sex. Whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 6 years, talking about your sex is the only way you’re going to have a sustainable sex life and get exactly what you want in bed.
  2. Ask and you shall receive: Be clear, honest and open about your desires and what you like and dislike about your sex life. If you don’t know how to please your partner ask what she likes, what she fantasizes about and if she doesn’t know, then try to figure it out together: buy some toys, read erotica or talk about your favorite sexual memories together. This will lead you to figuring out more about what turns each other on.
  3. Never stop experimenting: Keep experimenting with new techniques and touches because the more aroused a woman gets, the more her sensitivity level rises. Don’t stop at one point on her body because she seems to be enjoying it. Make a round of visits to her most sensitive spots regularly and you’ll be sure to please her all over her body.
  4. Slow down: Many men rush through sex, so I always tell them to go three times slower than they think they should. That goes for kissing, touching and even when she’s about to get climax. The more you bring her to point of heightened arousal, and then slow down, the more turned on she will be. When she can’t anticipate your next move, she’ll be even more aroused and ready to explode.
  5. Keep on kissing: In relationships, kissing is often the first thing that falls by the wayside. Men get in the habit of rushing right to intercourse. However foreplay, like kissing, is a requirement, not a suggestion. Women get turned on by passionate kissing so if you feel she’s not turned on or is losing interest, just play with kissing her in different ways, moving your tongue and altering the speed and places you kiss her. Hint: the neck is a highly erogenous yet often ignored spot on a woman’s body.

If you’re still struggling, keep in mind that lasting longer may stack the odds in your favor.  Of men who are unable to help their partner achieve orgasm, 21% think it’s because they don’t last as long as she needs, according to our survey. If it would improve her experience and yours, don’t be afraid to talk about using a product that prolongs sex, like Promescent. Any sense embarrassment will vanish when you give her that mind-blowing orgasm. If you want to get some experience, check now EhoCams.com.

To learn more about Promescent, visit www.promescent.com

About Promescent
Promescent® is the first FDA-compliant treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), the largest male sexual dysfunction, affecting approximately 30% of men. Recommended by more than 1,000 urologists and key opinion leaders in sexual medicine, Promescent features a patented, lidocaine-only formula with absorption technology that provides superior on-demand ejaculation control. The urologist-developed topical spray is fast-acting, easy-to-use and is available without prescription.