Intra Workout Nutrition for a Better Physique

We have all heard of pre-work out and post-workout nutrition. But what about intra- workout nutrition? How many people are aware of the benefits that come from taking supplements during your workout?

Lets look at a couple of things that happen during training.
1. We break down muscle tissue
2. We use muscle glycogen stores
3. We buildup lactic acid in the active muscle
4. We loose Electrolytes through sweat.

Taking supplements while training can help with energy levels, hydration, fat burning and even speed up recovery time. The supplements outlined below can be some of your best friends when taken during your workout.

BCAAs play a key role in reducing muscle breakdown while training. They also have been shown to increase fat burning primarily because leucine can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. BCAAs can also directly stimulate pathways for muscle protein synthesis.

Beta Alnine has been shown to increase cellular levels of carnosine in the muscle which in turn reduce fatigue by helping to halt lactic acid buildup. Reduced lactic acid can lead to greater endurance, longer lasting sets, more power, more strength and an increase in calorie expenditure which will result in greater muscle gains and increased fat burning.

Consuming Electrolytes while training will ensure proper water balance, prevent cramps and make for a more productive workout. Even slight dehydration can lead to dramatic drops in strength and workout performance. Proper hydration is also very important when attempting to reduce bodyfat.

Fast digesting carbohydrates can help keep energy levels high during training by continuing to restore glycogen levels. Carbohydrates are ideally suited for individuals who are trying to increase strength and build muscle. By using some fast digesting carbs like waxy maize you can also shuttle more of your intra workout supplements into your muscles while also enhancing that “pumped” feeling.

Citruline Malate is a Vaso Dialator that can help increase blood flow to the muscles during training. More blood to the muscle equates to more nutrients and a faster recovery time.

For fat loss it would be appropriate to take any of the products listed above minus the carbohydrates. A product like MSI BCAA or Amino Active by NutraCore will help with cell hydration, provide energy and increase protein synthesis.

For muscle building it would be appropriate to consume some fast digesting carbohydrates from a product like Re-Carberry along with BCAAs for maximum glycogen replenishment. The carbohydrates will also help generate an Insulin response that can support the muscle building process.

Dominick Walsh is a blogger for Performance Nutrition and and covers all men’s health topics and exercise issues including protein powders, diets, weight loss, weight lifting supplements, fat burners and supplement reviews. Dominick’s columns cover everything you need to know about your pre, during and post workout nutrition.