Indy Comics Spotlight: Fist of Justice

Welcome to Indy Comics Spotlight, where every month I’ll be presenting a different independent comic title, as well as artists and writers that are well worth the time to look into if you’re not already familiar with them. Up for our first spotlight is Fist of Justice created by Ed Dukeshire and Mike Imboden. This is a superhero title available through Ed Dukeshire’s Digital Webbing Press.

Fist of Justice is a title about former Olympic boxer Mark Mason who was Charm City’s greatest defender during the 1970’s, until he suffered nervous breakdown caused by a fatal mistake that allowed his nemesis Dr. Dubik to crush him in defeat.

Now, 30 years later, a mysterious Dr. Mystik rescues Mason from a sanatorium, where Mason was a prisoner in his own mind unaware of who or what he was. With the help of his old friend, Harlan ‘Black Light’ Harris, Mason begins to rebuild his life and adjust to his new surroundings as he takes on the role of being Fist of Justice to defend Charm City once again.

Written by Mike Imboden and using  a series of highly skilled artists Fist of Justice is a tightly written, story driven title that features top notch art and colouring. Although this is an independent title, the cover to cover quality of each edition can stand strongly next to titles offered by major publishers.

Mike Imboden on Fist of Justice:


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Special thanks to guest contributor John Goodale for this awesome column.