Review: DEWALT TSTAK Cart: Become More Organized and Efficient on Any Project

I have to admit when it come to my tools I am not the most organized person. I have parts and adaptors for my power tools scattered in every space imaginable in my workshop. To get a handle on organization I gave the DEWALT TSTAK cart a try.

The DEWALT TSTAK cart is a godsend for a busy homeowner/hobbyist like myself. The cart itself can hold up to 220 lbs of my power tools and accessories.  The telescoping handle and large castors on the cart make it easy for me to wheel the cart anywhere I need to work on a project. This includes easily going up and down stairs.

The deep box organizer is large enough to house my larger power and hand tools. I was able to fit all of my sanders, drills and drivers in the deep box organizer with space to spare. What was most surprising is the additional space the removable tray in the deep box organizer gives you. I was able to store my welding torch in the top tray with plenty of clearance. There is no way the torch would fit in the tray of a traditional tool box.

Tstak_ANG2_300RGB-1The clear top organizer stacks and locks securely on top of the deep box organizer. The unit has nine removable compartments for small parts storage. The compartments can also be removed to house additional hand tools and accessories. With the lid locked the compartments are locked in place which prevents the spilling of small parts, screws and nails you are storing in the unit.

Making the DEWALT TSTAK cart even more user friendly each module has its own handle giving you more portability. If the entire cart is not needed for a job you can simply disconnect the unit you need and be on your way.

For a professional on a jobsite this is a must have. The DEWALT TSTAK allows you to move all of your essential tools from task to task. As a homeowner I love the ability to have everything I need for home projects in one unit. No more running up and down stairs fetching a new tool each time a project hands me a new challenge.

The DEWALT TSTAK retails for approximately $129.99 in the independent channel. The deep box organizer and the clear top organizer both will retail for approximately $34.99 each. This is a small price to not only protect the investment of your tools but to also be more organized and efficient on any project.