The Girls of Vivid Cabaret in NYC Go Back to School (PICS)

It’s “Back to School” time and the exotic dancers at the three story Vivid Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan hosted a party on the club’s Roof Deck wearing sexy school girl outfits.

“I’m thinking I would probably get an ‘A+’ if I wore this to class,” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Shay.

Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Natalia, dressed in a skimpy bikini has a gift for the teacher. “I will bring an apple for him, but I forgot my number two pencil–maybe he has one he can give me,” she cooed.

“It’s fun dressing up, and I really like taking it off, which I did all night!” explained Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Justine.

Check out the girls in HD by clicking each thumbnail below:

The Vivid Cabaret NYC Roof Deck Smoking Lounge and Garden is a popular spot for
corporate, VIP, and private events of all kinds. Several private parties have been booked for the upcoming Fashion Week.

Vivid Cabaret NYC is well known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (25 1/2 feet tall), and the first of its kind “VIP Ultra Lounge.” It’s a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports who like to “make it rain” on the club’s gorgeous dancers. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four blocks away.