One of These 5 NFL Teams Will Win the Super Bowl

In 2013 we had the Ravens, in 2014 we had the Seahawks.  Love or hate our picks, they haven’t missed yet.  Enter Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, there can only be one left standing but we are going to give you 5 to choose from.  Before we get to those top 5, let’s take a look at the rest of the field.

(The number next to each team represents their odds to win the Super Bowl, for example, +500 means that a $100 bet could win you $500)

No Chance in Hell Group:

Jacksonville Jaguars +28500, Oakland Raiders +18483, Tennessee Titans +12000, Buffalo Bills +12500, Cleveland Browns +10000.

Not a lot needs to be said for this group. If you are a fan of one of these teams, you can argue that maybe your team should be in the next group and that they are not deserving of being in the bottom five, however, nobody can make an argument for any of these teams being in the top five, and that’s what this is all about.  Of all the teams here, Oakland is improving the best, but when you live in a division with the Broncos, Chargers and Chiefs, it is an even longer journey to the top.

Isn’t That Cute Group:

Houston Texans +3506, St. Louis Rams +7993, Minnesota Vikings + 8996, N.Y. Jets +6584, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6300

Here is where the hate comes. “You are sleeping on  _______” , I get it. You think RG3 will return to form and throw 50 touchdowns to DeSean Jackson, the Rams defense will overpower the league, Adrian Peterson for MVP, the Jet’s defense will return to form and the Bucs will finally put it all together…. Isn’t that cute… but it’s wrong.  Too many holes on each of these teams.  The Redskins still need a better defense, better hope Jason Hatcher wasn’t a one hit wonder. The Rams need an offensive leader… the list goes on. Maybe someday, but that day is not today.

Pedestrian Projects:

These teams can win any given Sunday, but they won’t win every Sunday. They could take out the top team on week and lose the worst team the next. Some may crack the post season, but their journey will be short lived.

Miami Dolphins +6568 The Dolphins are poised to have one of the best defenses in the AFC, but can they really get past the Broncos or Patriots in the playoffs?

N.Y. Giants +5965 Maybe a new scheme will revise Eli like it did Rivers? Course, he has always thrown a lot of picks, question is can his team keep overcoming them?

Dallas Cowboys +5352 How does one of the worst defenses of all time actually get worse? Answer: Romo’s fault.

Pittsburg Steelers +3596 They are gonna give it a go, but it might be time to send Big Ben elsewhere and rebuild.

Baltimore Ravens +3379 There was magic in the locker room during the SB run, also a need for redemption after a missed FG vs. the Patriots cost them a trip the year earlier. This year, I don’t see it.

Arizona Cardinals +4986 The Cardinals are the little brother that’s tougher than you give them credit for, but they are still the little brother. Playing with the 49ers and Seahawks will keep them on the outside looking in.

Kansas City Chiefs +4596 We all watched, knowing the wheels would fall off, and they did. This year, I think they will be falling off quicker than they did last year. Good team, just not great.

Attention Grabbers:

These teams will keep you on notice all season long. Their fans will truly believe that this could be their year. Most will make the playoffs and a few will be lucky to get past round one.

Atlanta Falcons + 5000 Last year was a disaster. However, that disaster helped them improve both the offensive and defensive lines. When trying to turn things around, that is always a great place to start. I like the Falcons to win a bunch of games this season, but not more than Seattle. Can they go on the road and beat Seattle? Spoiler Alert: No.

Green Bay Packers +1302 WHAT? The Packers are on this list? Yes, and not because they got destroyed by the Seahawks, but because they are slowly inching backwards. I get that they caught fire and won a Super Bowl a few years ago, but they haven’t done much in the years before and years after that. Rodgers came back for the playoffs last season and they won one game. Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best QB’s in the game, but he doesn’t have a great receiving corps anymore and they will cost them.

Carolina Panthers +3615 The defense is golden, they offense is explosive, yet something just seems to be missing. Will Cam Newton continue his climb or take a step back? Their offense looked great against average defenses, but really struggled to get things moving when faced against the Seahawks and 49ers. The road to the Super Bowl will go through one of them.

San Diego Chargers +3319 This wasn’t Phillip Rivers most talented teams, but he definitely had one of his best years last year. He has shown he can lead a mediocre team to victory. I think a smart F.A. pickup and a solid draft could put the Chargers back into contention, but they are not there this year. They will be good, but I am not sure they will have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals +3010 Solid defense, playmakers on offense, and Andy Dalton is not as bad as people pretend he is. The problem is, the team just cannot seem to get it done in the playoffs.  I think in a year or so, that defense can go from great to dominate, and then maybe the stars will call upon the Bengals, but not this year.

One the Verge:

Here are basically four teams that everybody thinks will have a shot except me. Don’t get me wrong. They could go deep in the playoffs, but I just don’t see them getting it done. Feel free to rage away though.

Chicago Bears +3199 The Bears higher than the Packers? Probably neck-and-neck. The Bears defense isn’t what it used to be, but they are getting better. The offense is getting scary though. This will be the best offense that Jay Cutler has ever had around him. If he can be half the QB people thought he could be, they will be just fine.

Detroit Lions +3999 I like the Lions to win the division. I think Reggie Bush will be more of a factor in this offense after a year of experience, Bell will also be a big factor and let’s not forget, Calvin Johnson may go down as one of the best WR’s of all time. Their defense is also improving. They almost made my top five, but I can’t go too NFC heavy.

San Francisco 49er’s +964 I live to make you angry, 49er’s fans. The defense looks good, the offensive line is stout, Gore is a little old and perhaps the receivers are a little overrated. Then there is Kaepernick. I loved the guy when he emerged but he really didn’t do anything special last season. I do not think that changes this season either. They always seem to play Seattle tough, so perhaps I should give them more credit, but what fun would it be if I just took the top 5 teams ?

New England Patriots +740 Tom Brady is the best QB in the league. What he did with that lackluster WR corps last year was amazing. The defense isn’t too shabby either. The problem is, I don’t see them getting over the hump. When the going gets tough, perhaps in the AFC Championship, somebody is going to have to step up with Brady and I don’t see that happening.

One of these five teams will win the Super Bowl:

Here we are. Our final five teams from this list, I guarantee you that a Super Bowl Champion will emerge. You can hate the list, but I have not been wrong yet.

Philadelphia Eagles +2250 The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl before. I personally enjoy laughing at that and would not like to see it change, however, Chip Kelley has himself an offense out there. I know replacing DeSean Jackson will be tough, but this offense thrives on short passes and getting playmakers to the outside. McCoy should have another field day and Sproles will fit in perfectly. The defense has its ups and downs, but if they can play above average, they can beat anybody. Nick Foles isn’t as good as his numbers were last year, but he doesn’t need to be. He limits mistakes and avoids turnovers.

Indianapolis Colts +2590 Back and forth I went between the Colts and the Lions. Both are long shot dark horses to win a Super Bowl this year, but I think the Colts will have an easier path. The AFC is not as stacked as the NFC. We keep waiting for Andrew Luck to make his way into the top 4 QB’s in the NFL and that year could be this year. The Colt’s are not overloaded with superstars, but they play solid team football and the emergence of Hilton gives Luck a solid big play guy. You never know who could upset Denver in the AFC Championship game. Two years ago it was the Ravens…

New Orleans Saints +900 Saints open the season vs. Falcons, Browns, Vikings, Cowboys and Bucs. It gets harder from there, but they got a god chance at starting 5-0 and really getting some momentum. The addition of Brandin Cooks could really spread out this dome friendly offense. They NFC West is loaded with talent, perhaps the road to the Super Bowl could go through New Orleans. Would be fun to see Seattle try and win in the dome.

Denver Broncos +464 Here we go again. The Broncos actually got a lot better. Demarcus Ware isn’t the guy he used to be, but he won’t need to be. He won’t need to be ‘the guy’, just ‘a guy’. I think that guy can be pretty good in this defense. Then there is rookie WR Emanuel Sanders. He is an upgrade over Eric Decker and while Wes Welker recovers from his concussion and molly, Sanders will get some extra looks. Could be beneficial down the stretch.

Seattle Seahawks +380 Love them or hate them, the Seahawks are for real. I don’t think Russell Wilson is a top 10 QB in this league, but he doesn’t have to be. They have a dominating offensive line and a solid running game. It doesn’t hurt when you only need to score about 14 points to win each game. Wilson limits mistakes and really doesn’t have to force anything because he knows his defense will do their job. They are all relatively young, this could be the beginning of a dynasty.

There you have it. If I had to place a bet, I would take Broncos in a rematch over the Seahawks for the Super Bowl. Feel free to tell us your guaranteed five teams. We look forward to seeing them.