Week 3 NFL Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Well we learned an expensive lesson last week.  The Giants are freaking terrible. As much credit Eli gets for those two Super Bowls, he clearly does not have very much of that magic left. We were 2-2 and lost 1.35 units, last week however, we went 2-2 again, but this time we lost 5 units. (Never trust Eli again) This leaves us at 4-4 and -6.35 units. Alas, it is not how you start but how you finish and we will be looking to finish strong this week. Let’s get going.

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills (-2.5): 

Remember last week when we said that the Chargers vs the Seahawks were a trap? We were right, the Chargers took care of business at home. Now we are faced with another game that goes against public opinion. Clearly the public loves the Chargers and still doesn’t trust the Bills. This line is set, begging people to take the Chargers. That means that the obvious play is the Bills…. but I just can not do it. I know they are traveling across the country, but I think the Chargers can run with anybody on offense (although I do like the Bills defense.) Ill take Chargers  to win +125 risking 3 units. 

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (-1): 

Here is a story about lines and movements. The line before last week was the Packers as favorites. Apparently their weak game against the Jets scared off some of the money and left the Lions as favorites. The only issue with that is the fact that the Lions got beat up and shut down by the Panthers. Not sure who too trust in this one. I will be leaning towards the Packers. The Lions tend to get a deer-in-the-headlight look on offence when their “Throw it to Calvin Johnson” Game plan does not work out for them. I think they will put up some points, but I am willing to bet that the Packers will keep up with them.  Green Bay Packers to win -101 to win 3 units.

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots (-14): 

If we played word association, we would associate Raiders with bad and Patriots with good. That is the way a lot of bettors see this game and they are willing to drop a lot on the -14 Patriots. New England was able to get into a groove and blow out and crumbling Vikings team, and I think the Vikings are better than the Raiders, however, I think the Patriots are going to be contempt with sailing to victory in this one once they get a little lead. I think this is one of those games where the Patriots could do more, but simply are not going too, much to the dismay of all of their backers. Raiders +14.5 -125 to win 2 units.

Under Dog Lottery Ticket (1-0):

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks (-4): 

It’s not very often that Peyton Manning is in the underdog position, but after the 43-8 Super Bowl matchup, its clear why the Broncos are the underdogs here. We are not too far removed from the Super Bowl, but the Broncos have changed quite a bit since then. Adding Ware on defense has been looking good thus far, but I am really high on the addition of Emanuel Sanders in this matchup. He has the speed to get behind Richard Sherman and really stretch the field. If the Broncos can avoid offensive blunders, they can force the Seahawks offense to beat them. I think this could give the Broncos the slight edge. This game is too close to call but you guys would kill us if we didnt pick the top game this week, so lets do this.

Broncos to win, +185 risk 2 units.