Optimizing Athletic Performance? Don’t Overlook Your Fruits and Vegetables

So many times when an athlete wants to improve his or her performance they focus on how many proteins carbohydrates and fats to consume.  Optimizing athletic performance requires more than macronutrients.  Vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants tend to be overlooked.

Consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals through your diet plays a vital role in improving athletic performance.  Athletes that do not consume enough fruits and vegetables can suffer from decreased recovery time, fatigue, cellular damage, excessive free radicals, decreased immune and digestive function.  Taking key minerals such as B vitamins, Folate, Iron and Magnesium can increase nerve function, energy production and improve muscle contraction.

Try to consume 1-3 servings of fruits or vegetables with every solid meal.  So if you are consuming 5 meals a day that would equate to 5 – 15 servings a day.  If this is not practical then supplementing with a greens and vegetables drink will work in there place.  By doing this you should notice an improvement in your digestion, recovery and mental focus through out the day.   A few great products to try would be Alkalinity Fuel, or Barleans Super-Fruit and Greens drinks.

Dominick Walsh is a blogger for Performance Nutrition and TMRzoo.com and covers all men’s health topics and exercise issues including protein powders, diets, weight loss, weight lifting supplements, fat burners and supplement reviews. Dominick’s columns cover everything you need to know about your pre, during and post workout nutrition.