Week 6 NFL Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

After a weak week 4, (0-3  -6.9 units), a technical error on my end gave us a much needed bye week. We were able to get some questions answered about some of these teams and others are still making the world scratch their heads (Looking at you Patriots.) So now, we venture out in the wild blue yonder of week 6. Let’s get it.

Denver Broncos at New York Jets (+10): The public is pounding the Broncos. This line started at Broncos -7 and has moved all the way to Broncos -10. As we have witnessed time and time again, if it seems too easy, it is. Mostly every time we try and break this rule, it comes back to bite us, so not today. Today we will swim upstream and take the home underdog, and the points. Jets +10 -115 to win 2 units. 

Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals (-7): The Bengals were the last undefeated team left before getting destroyed by the thought-to-be-dead Patriots. Now they face a bi-polar Panthers team, but they have to do it without their best player, A.J. Green. The game could really go either way at this point, but 7 points would seem a decent number with Green in the lineup. Without him, I would think the Bengals would only be favored by a FG. I’ll take the points in this one. Panthers +7 -110 to win 2 units. 

Green Bay Packers at Miami Dolphins (+2.5): Remember everything I said in the first pick? well now forget it, cause we are going to ride a road favorite. Miami is a very streaky team, but it looks like the Packers are finally getting their momentum going and are making a push for their division. I think the Packers know this is a game they need and should win, I think they come out and make it happen. Packers ML -135 to win 3 units. 

There you have it. Cheer for the bets and somebody please cheer for my Dallas Cowboys. We are either looking at an upset, or one of those Romo-5 Int games.