Stella Artois inspires to #GiveBeautifully by giving Holiday TV Commercial Away As a Gift. Literally

Stella Artois was first created for the holidays as a gift to the people of Leuven, Belgium. Each holiday season, the brand’s origins – reflected by the Latin “Stella,” or star – are celebrated in a variety of ways. This season, Stella Artois chose to lift up and celebrate real-world examples of thoughtful, timeless gift-giving.

‘Tis the season of holiday ads, but Stella Artois has elevated the festive cheer by revealing the key props featured in its “Give Beautifully” TV ad are, in fact, real-life gifts.

The commercial stars a piano, a film camera, holiday lights and more, all of which are now on the Stella Artois gift list. Even snow will be gifted.

Stella Artois will tell the tales of the emotional moment the gifts meet their lucky recipients through a series of online short films, promoting the hashtag #givebeautifully. The “Give Beautifully” film series, shot in Argentina, the United Kingdom and the United States, will extend through the holiday season across 10 countries.

The “Give Beautifully” spots are one element in a larger initiative intended to celebrate Stella Artois’ holiday heritage, including a limited-edition pack, gift packs and a 750ml holiday bottle, ideal for gifting and for seasonal celebrations. The “Give Beautifully” short films, full of memorable surprises, can be viewed

“Stella Artois was first created for the holidays as a gift to the people of Leuven, Belgium, so this year we want to replicate the spirit of our origins of thoughtful gift-giving,” said Debora Koyama, global vice president, Stella Artois. “We wish to invite people to pay extra care and attention to what’s truly meaningful to the recipient. This year’s holiday campaign shines a light on the art of finding a truly personal gift for loved ones. As inspiration, we feature real-world thoughtful gifts as props in our TV ad and online videos.”

The “Give Beautifully” films feature real people rather than actors. They showcase examples of loss and redemption, love and community, timeless romance and artistic beauty—as viewers follow special objects traveling to cities around the world to be revealed as gifts. The short films star:

Jeff is the owner of a tree farm on the outskirts of Portland, a passion he took up when he and his wife Jaimee left their big-city jobs ten years ago. This holiday season, Jaimee will surprise Jeff by decorating an old oak tree on their farm with thousands of holiday lights. A romantic sight set against the Oregon sunset, it’s a dream Jeff has held for years. Jaimee will unveil the surprise during a holiday party with friends.

In 2007, on the day Pablo went on the first date with the woman who is now his wife, it snowed in Buenos Aires for the first time since 1918. In partnership with Stella Artois, Pablo’s wife Florencia set out to blanket a Buenos Aires street with snow, giving Argentineans – and her loving husband – the experience of snow for only the third time in 100 years.

When Maeve left Dublin to move in with her boyfriend Brendan in London, she was forced to leave her beloved piano behind. There was no room for it. A passionate pianist, Maeve hasn’t played since. This holiday season, Brendan has secretly had the piano shipped to London, and has planned a beautiful surprise.

Rachel is a young documentary filmmaker who shoots beautiful films featuring local members of her community, particularly local artists. In order to keep making these films, Rachel needs a new camera. This year, her best friend Emily decides to make that possible, to allow Rachel to continue capturing inspirational stories about the community.

“We are humbled to have been part of these stories and to have helped share them with the world,” said Koyama. “It’s inspiring to ‘give beautifully.”

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