Ray Rice Beats Roger Goodell

Many news sites are reporting that Rice Rice has won his appeal and is eligible for a willing NFL squad. Yes, Ray Rice Beats Roger Goodell  and the NFL. Seeing Richie Incognito is still chilling his heals at home it seems unlikely that any team would give him a look. Or would they?

It is possible the struggling Denver Broncos, the same team that looked at Richie Incognito could bring in Rice for a playoff push. Or the Miami Dolphins who lost Knowshon Moreno early in the season could be looking for more weapons to try to make the post season for the first time in years.

In Miami jobs are on the line. If the Dolphins do not make the postseason there will be many people leaving Sun Life Stadium in January with boxes. The Dallas Cowboys are in the same position as the Dolphins. They need a playmaker desperately on offense.

No matter where Ray Rice lands expect protests, pickets and lost sponsors. Maybe even a Ferguson style riots- especially if he goes to the Superbowl. You can also expect to see this video on a loop. We have not seen a statement from the NFL yet but will post it the second it is released.

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