Bunny Ranch Owner Wants To Help Diplomacy With Cuba By Opening Location In Havana

With the historic announcement by The Obama Administration that The United States will begin easing long strained diplomatic relations with Cuba, Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof is vowing to bring his franchise of legalized prostitution to Havana.

“The Cuban people have suffered from government sanctions for generations, and the cultural awakening that its masses are about to experience would not be complete without the sexual  empowerment for which The Bunny Ranch is known world wide,” Hof said.  “I have visited the Cuba many times, and I look forward to working with the Cuban government to enrich the lives of its people, not only with the recreational pleasures that The Bunny Ranch is known for, but also with the infusion of good jobs to an embattled economy.”

While prostitution is currently only legal in The United States within some counties in Nevada, Hof has shown prior interest in taking the business nationwide, most recently offering the city of Phoenix a half a million dollars to let him operate temporarily during the 2015 Super Bowl.  Now, Hof is looking to go global with the legal sex trade.

“I have always enjoyed a good cigar, and when I appeared on the cover of Smoke Magazine, they highlighted The Bunny Ranch’s humidor.  I would love to fill the humidor at our Havana location with Cuban cigars, and I would even welcome President Raul Castro to be my guest at the grand opening and smoke one with me in the parlor.  If he wants to party with one or more of the girls, it would certainly be my treat.  The Bunny Ranch has a long standing policy of free sex for heads of state, and President Castro certainly wouldn’t be the first one to take me up on that offer.”

Despite the goodwill gesture, Hof is quick to point out that he’s still a patriot: “I won’t allow any missile silos on The Bunny Ranch grounds,” he quips.

With speaking engagements over the past few years at Oxford University in EnglandTrinity College in Ireland, and now Sorbonne University in Paris early next year, the star of HBO’s hit series “Cathouse” is increasingly being noticed as a worldwide ambassador for legalizing the world’s oldest profession.