Cosplay Corner: Lady Lemon CosPlay

Hailing from Buenos Aires Argentina, LadyLemonCosplay has become a well respected cosplayer, model, costumer and make up artist. Her costumes are detailed, accurate to the character and reflect a great deal of skill, work and passion. As an established costume maker and make up artist she helped found Alchemy CosPlay FX with her friend Glory Lamothe, where they teach others the art of making costumes for Cosplay. From the more simplistic looking character ‘Poison’ from Ultra Street Fighter IV to the incredibly detailed and complex ‘Demon Hunter’ character Lady Lemon Cosplay portrays a wide range of characters with great accuracy and attention to detail.

Occasionally she sells her costumes, such as her Sherwood Forest Ashe or her better known Wonder Woman armor set from Injustice Gods Among Us. Lady Lemon Cosplay has attracted a large following and gained the respect of her peers throughout the world. Which, considering how competitive the cosplay world can be, is no small feat.

Helping support the costumes is the fact that she is also a model and therefore very comfortable in front of the camera, as well as knowing what to look for in a good photographer. Adding to her natural beauty, incredible costumes and talented photographers is her willingness to use digital backgrounds to enhance the images. From as simple of a background as seen in this Evil Supergirl cosplay to the more complex backgrounds as seen in her Dark Phoenix cosplay image.

You can order prints of her Lady Lemon Cosplay’s cosplay work and calendars through her online store, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to follow her work at Alchemy Cosplay FX on Facebook, just keep in mind that this page is largely written in Spanish so you’ll need to translate it if you unfortunately don’t speak Spanish.

I’s also like to mention that sadly I was not able to credit the photographers for each image here. But if you go to Lady Lemon Cosplay’s Facebook page you can find references mentioned as well as watermarks on the images when you click them. As she gains international attention from thousands of adoring fans throughout the world and continues the work at Alchemy with her friend Glory, LadyLemonCosplay will continue to gain popularity and bring character after character to life for many more to enjoy.

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