Natural Curves: Plus Size Model Elly Mayday

Despite what some will accuse others of about unrealistic body desires not everyone prefers the same look. And many people who have complained about the look that some industries have chosen for their models have been very pleased to see the emergence and popularity of the plus size model. This is not a caricature or demoralizing portrayal of women with plus size figures, but rather a true field where the models are depicted in a professional manner for genuine products and ads.

In the upcoming movie ‘A Perfect 14’ director Giovanna Morales Vargas looks at the plus size model industry and speaks with the models about their role in changing, or challenging, the modeling industry. One of the models featured in the movie is Vancouver Canada’s Elly Mayday

While working as a flight attendant Mayday was noticed in 2012 after winning a Pin-Up contest at a car show. Her thick blond hair, full lips and look which was reminiscent of the 40’s and 50’s golden age pin up girls challenged the viewer to not see her natural beauty and confidence. . Her poses were bold, unapologetic and confident; Mayday’s jump into pin-up modeling looked as though it was about to take off.

At what seemed to be the beginning of a promising career Mayday was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer and underwent treatment, which not only made her sick but also caused the loss of her thick blonde hair; something she was noted for. Rather than hide Mayday won the hearts of the world when she decided to stay in the spotlight and continued to work throughout her treatment. Her choice was rewarded when people all over the world wanted to hear the ‘Curvy Canadian’s’ story, One image she posed for, of herself wearing boxing gloves in a ring, was even recognized on social media by former heavy weight champ the great Lennox Lewis.

The transformation in her look was the opposite of what she had become famous for. Her earlier work with the golden age look was replaced with a look which has a modern edge where Mayday’s piercing eyes and full lips captured the eye in image after image; but where she had a bold look before she now appears more relaxed and inviting.

Mayday continues to model for Forever Yours Lingerie and serve as an inspiration for others facing the fight with cancer; she also prides herself on challenging preconceived notions of beauty definitions. Her alluring smile, quick wit and warm genuine personality are easily apparent when you scroll through the pictures and fan interactions on her social media.

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