CosPlay Cutie: BelleChere

This week in CosPlay Cutie we bring you Boston Massachusetts’s BelleChere.

Highly active on the cosplay circuit, with countless events attended listed in her social media, photos show BelleChere interacting with both cosplayers and fans alike. This social approach to cosplay has netted her over 250,000 fans worldwide and makes her popular among fellow cosplayers.

Frequently smiling, (unless the character photo requires her not to) BelleChere never hesitates to pose with children, fans and other cosplayers. Who wouldn’t want to have their picture taken with a real life version of their favorite character considering the level of skill she displays in her cosplays.

A part-time theatre tech and self-professed comic junkie means, that BelleChere is not only well versed with her characters, but knows how to bring them to life.

Comics, video games and animation have long been criticized for how women have been illustrated as many feel that the images are not realistic. While BelleChere may have her own views on the subject, she does not shy away from characters that have faced such scrutiny. She portrays them accurately, such as her Lady Death and Jessica Rabbit cosplays.

Frequently updating her social media with when and where she will be appearing next means fans have up to date information to know where they can see her displaying various characters. As an added bonus for fans, BelleChere often gives previews of what she will be wearing during the events.

Her next scheduled event is, PAX East in Boston MA. From March 6-8.
Should you have a chance to attend this event you will be able to find BelleChere at booth #9176.

You can follow BelleChere on Facebook and Twitter, or you can purchase a print through her On-line Store.

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