’s Cosplay Cutie of the Week: Enji Night

This week on CosPlay Cutie, I am very pleased to introduce you to cosplayer Enji Night from Budapest, Hungary, although you may already be familiar with Enji.

According to her social media, Enji launched her cosplay work in February of 2011.  She has attracted fans from all over the world in the past four years.

As you look through Enji Night’s public media and images, you see a person who is bright, cheerful and full of life. More than just a beautiful person, Enji Night is someone who puts her heart and soul into her cosplay work, as well as interacting with her fans regularly. Further proof of her warm personality and sense of humor will be readily found in praise from fellow cosplayers and the media who all speak highly of her both as a cosplayer and a person.

On her Facebook page, Enji Night frequently shows cosplays she is currently working on.  Enji also includes test pictures of cosplays in development, such as her current work on the Dead or Alive character Kasumi.

Enji Night is not only recognized by her fans and fellow cosplayers.  She is also drawing attention from mainstream magazines such as FHM Malaysia. The magazine featured her in their February 2015 edition, (you can read the article here), describing her as, “One of the sexiest, most gorgeous cosplayers this world has ever seen.”

Who are we to argue with such high praise for someone as talented and genuine as Enji Night?

You can follow the lovely Enji Night on Facebook or on Twitter.

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