Review: Go Veggie! Dairy Free Cheese

I have been on a spiritual food journey for the past 3 months. Since New Year’s I have gone totally vegan. This carnivore decided to try a plant based diet for ninety days. Of all the animal based products I miss, I miss nothing more than cheese.

Many of my favorite recipes depend on a great cheese. I thought during this stretch of vegan dining I would be missing out on my Mexican and Italian favorites. This is when I found Go Veggie!

Go Veggie cheese come in a variety of flavors, shapes and styles. The Go Veggie singles make a beautiful Grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese melts like any milk based product and the flavor is fantastic. The Go Veggie shredded cheddar flavor worked perfectly with my tacos and enchiladas. While the grated parmesan flavor paired with mozzarella made the perfect vegan sausage pizza.

In a week I will be returning to my regular diet, I will be continuing on with some of the great vegan options I have found in the past 90 days. Go Veggie lactose free cheese, dairy free cheese will definitively be in the mix.