Model Trixie Tries on a Tank Top (PICS)

If there is one thing we love at it is stoned girls. You won’t find any hotter or cooler stoned girls anywhere than  One thing about the models of they also love Stoned Girl Model Trixie loves to browse the pages of checking out the music reviews, beer posts and learning more about what goes through the twisted male mind.

For this reason it was only fitting we sent Trixie a tank top to lounge around in while she gets baked and surfs the web. If you want to see more of Trixie I suggest you check out the gallery below then head over to has the latest in marijuana news in their “High Finance” segment. You can enjoy the “Naked Weed Report” to get hipped to the latest goings on. Or just take a stroll through their pages upon pages of beautiful, hot stoned models. You can check out our coverage of here. You can also head over to to check out all the action.