Princess Leia Nip Slip Footage from “Return of the Jedi” Leaked

The trailer for the new Star Wars movie, ”The Force Awakens,” is racking up millions of views weekly.  Fans have been demanding as much Star Wars as they can find. Disney is wasting no time cashing in on fan interest to recoup the multi billion-dollar expense of purchasing Lucasfilms.

Lucasfilms, the company behind the Star Wars franchise, has brought many memorable moments, sights and characters to fans. One such fan favorite moment was character Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit.

Along with the new movie, fans were promised digital re-releases of the original movies. While many began to think the digital releases were just a rumor, it seems that Disney has been hard at work to deliver on this promise. To do so, they have been sorting through all the original film reels for extra bits to include in the new digital releases, slated to hit stores this November.

One of the moments found on an original reel showed ”Slave Leia” played by Carrie Fisher having wardrobe malfunctions during the filming of Return of the Jedi. It seems that, while Industrial Light and Magic was able to bring a rebel fleet to life, they weren’t able to keep an actress’s top on or compensate for desert winds.

Although the official response to any mention of the images has been the equivalent of a blank look, here at, we are excited to hear about the images and to bring them to you.  You can view a leaked uncensored screenshot of the leaked Princess Leia nip slip here.