See the Leaked Photos of Bruce Jenner Dressed as a Woman (PICS)

Pictures have been leaked of former Olympian Bruce Jenner in a dress. The former patriarch of the Kardashian family has been going through some sort of transformation. Most people have speculated it is gender reassignment surgery. These pictures are the first formal proof that this may be true.

In the promos for the bombshell interview with Diane Sawyer tomorrow night on ABC Bruce Jenner is seen wearing pretty much androgynous clothing (with the exception of the popped collar). These are the first shots of Bruce Jenner dressed as a woman to be published.

I don’t see what the big deal is if Bruce Jenner wants to dress like a woman, race car drive or a Viking it doesn’t affect me in any way. If the guy is happy in his sundress good luck to him. I don’t get all of the macho snickering about Bruce Jenner’s decision.

This does speak volumes to Kris Jenner. What is up with her that her man would rather switch teams than stick it out with her crazy family. That being said all of us at TMRZoo wish the former Olympian the best of luck with his transition. Still, wea are not ready for the bikini pics. You can see the photos here or here.