Cosplay Cutie of the Week: MarieDoll

Hailing from Houston Texas is this week’s cosplayer, MarieDoll. First launching herself as a cosplayer, in 2006, when attending her first comic con by herself, MarieDoll has become an internationally recognized cosplayer. Since that time she has gone on to become a fan favorite, and is often listed as one of the top ten cosplayers active today.

A professional model and costume designer, MarieDoll makes all of her own costumes and has hopes of breaking into the music industry one day as a singer. An example of her music is heard on her single ‘Superhero’, which you can listen to through her Soundcloud page.

While many will enjoy the visual of her curvy figure in spot on the character cosplays, it’s MarieDoll’s natural energy that shows through in the pictures and interviews; such as this one from the 2013 Alamo City Comic Con:

While Mariedoll has been showing more anime-based cosplays in the two years since that interview, the bulk of her work is still comic book and video game based.

Through her Facebook page MarieDoll keeps her fans up to date of where she is appearing, such as her appearance at last weekend’s CyPhaCon in Lake Charles Louisiana.

You can follow MarieDoll through her Facebook and her Official Website, and will soon be able to order prints through her online store which is currently under construction.

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