C.J. Asher Visits The Museum Of Sex (MoSEX) in New York City

The Low Down
With a logo modeled after that of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Museum of Sex (abbreviated, ironically, MoSEX) is not just a sex shop with a sprinkle of New York City vibe, but a full-fledged museum highlighting fascinating exhibits on sex from throughout human history as well as focusing on various cultures and their sexuality.

When I visited MoSEX, the museum was featuring four exhibitions: The Eve of Porn, Funland, The Sex Lives of Animals and Spotlight on the Permanent Collection.

The Eve of Porn

In 1972, the groundbreaking film Deep Throat propelled Linda Lovelace into stardom as the first actress to become famous for having sex on camera. Through photography by Milton Greene and rare artifacts, The Eve of Porn tells the story of Lovelace: her rise to stardom and alleged sexual liaisons with Hugh Hefner, Ted Kennedy, Paul Newman and others, her claims of abuse by pornographer and husband Chuck Traynor, her efforts in the anti-pornography movement as well her untimely death due to a car accident in 2002.


An adult playground, the Funland exhibit showcases a number of fun and lighthearted sex-themed interactive experiences such as a mirror-maze to locate the elusive G-spot, Grope Mountain (an orifice rock climbing wall with various sex organs and body parts) and, the best part of the entire museum, Jump For Joy, a bouncy castle of breasts!

The Sex Lives of Animals

While we as humans have discovered a wide variety of sexual relationships and behaviors, the animal kingdom also is as diverse in their use of sex as not only a means of reproduction but also as a form of pleasure, power and much more. This exhibit highlights a wide variety of interesting observations about sexuality in the animal kingdom, such as Bonobo Males soliciting sex with an offering of sugar cane, the ability of some animals to naturally change gender as well as how genitals differ from animal to animal.

Spotlight on the Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection is home to a number of sexually related objects throughout history, focusing primarily on artwork but also the practical, including a male and female RealDoll 2, which are life-size dolls designed to simulate the experience of having sex with an actual person.


Although with a smaller inventory of merchandise than you’ll find in most sex shops, MoSEX offers a wide variety of unique products that range from the humorous to the kinky and everything in between. While offering the staples such as condoms, vibrators, dildos, books and lotions, MoSEX also has a wall titled “WTF?” with MoSEX glassware, penis pasta and, my personal favorite, a snow globe with the word “FUCK” in big red letters inside.

In Brief…

With exhibits covering sexuality that are humorous, erotic, scandalous and much more, all of the exhibits at MoSEX are meant to educate and inform… and wildly succeed at doing both. No matter what your interest in sexuality may be, MoSEX offers a unique and exciting experience for the curious and inquisitive.

Museum of Sex (MoSEX)
233 Fifth Ave (@27th Street) New York, NY 10016
(212) 689-6337
Hours: Museum – 10:00am to 8:00pm Sun-Thu, 10:00am to 9:00pm Fri & Sat (Shop is open one hour later each day)

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