What The Patriots Fans Don’t Understand About Deflategate

The Pats fans just don’t get it. The rest of the country KNOWS The New England Patriots have a culture of cheating. It’s been proven, especially since they have a track record of being caught. The culture goes all the way back to the 1982 Snowplow game vs. Dolphins. For the record, the plow guy was a convicted burglar on a work release program from a local prison. The cheating continued through the Belichick years with Spygate and is obviously still going on today.


The standard argument for Patriots fans when caught in these situations is “everyone cheats, we are the only ones that get caught”. That line of bullshit does NOT make you innocent or excuse you from your transgressions. That would be the equivalent of a looter claiming “everyone else was rioting and stealing. I am the only one that got caught”.  So, if that is the case do we let the looter go? The Patriots also got caught looting… looting the integrity of the National Football League.

The Patriots fans will argue they blew out the Colts in the second half of the playoff game with properly inflated balls. You Patriots fans are right, 1 psi would not have changed the game. It does make us wonder, though, what else is going on in the organization and during game day. It is not about a deflated ball, it is about a culture of cheating and now we know it starts with Belichick, through Brady, and all the way down to the ball boys.

What else did we not catch that day or over the years? If the Patriots have been cheating since before their first Super Bowl against the Rams, did they even deserve to be in that game?

The most interesting argument of this scandal is the argument there is no direct evidence tying Tom Brady to the deflation of the balls. Let’s be crystal clear here. No equipment manager is going to take it upon themselves to alter a Quarterback’s balls without instruction. Jim McNally did not decide one day that Tom Brady may prefer his footballs softer. Also consider what a softer ball does for your running game.

The Patriots went from a team with fumbling problems so bad that they benched starter Stevan Ridley, to having a formidable running game. A softer ball is easier to hold on to, I am sure Tom Brady knows this.  One first down can change a game, a touchdown can win it.

Another thing The Patriots fans need to digest is “more probable than not” is not a guess, it is a legal term and an especially damning one at that. The Patriots fans need to turn off CSI: Foxboro and start to relate to the real world. Ted Wells does not need DNA, fingerprints or any other forensic evidence to make his case. What “more probable than not” means, is that there is little evidence to prove Brady was NOT involved.

Please stop posting “what happened to innocent until proven guilty” on social media. This is not a criminal trial and comments like that just make you look like even more of a f*cking idiot.

So what is next for The Patriots? I would guess starting the season 0-6 with Jimmy Garoppolo as a starter. They have a challenging start for the season. Even the lowly Jaguars have a nasty defense. That would bring a rusty Brady back to Foxboro in Week 8 to face the Dolphins’ front four featuring Vernon Oliver, Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh. Doesn’t sound like a great welcome home party. And speaking of parties… would Mr. Brady have to sit out of the banner raising or ring presentation?

So buckle up Patriots fans this is going to be a bumpy ride that most likely won’t be over after Tom Brady’s impending suspension. If you don’t believe me just ask a Saints fan.