Review: ‘Sons of Liberty’ – Binge Watching at its Best

I had the pleasure of viewing ‘Sons of Liberty’ during its initial airing and was instantly hooked. The cinematography and storytelling was captivating and easily held my attention over the course of its two hundred seventy minute run time. I enjoyed it so greatly that when the prospect of receiving and reviewing a Blu-Ray edition arose – I jumped at the opportunity. As enthralled as I was by the mini-series in its original format, I couldn’t wait to view it in stunning HD quality and thunderous 5.1 surround sound.

Blu-Ray has been the gold standard for connoisseurs of high quality visuals and crystal clear audio for almost a decade now and while some releases may be hit or miss, the Blu-Ray edition of ‘Sons of Liberty’ from Lionsgate Home Entertainment hits every mark in spades.

Throughout its four and a half hour run time, the viewer is treated to stunning visuals with perfect balance of colors (not too dark, not too bright) and strong audio that is perfectly mixed. I never once found myself struggling to see the on-screen action or having to adjust the volume in order to hear the characters’ conversations.

If you’ve yet to see ‘Sons of Liberty’, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy. I strongly recommend it to any fan of historical entertainment because it centers around a time that I’ve rarely seen committed to film: The years leading up to America declaring its independence from The Crown, and the lives and relationships of our founding fathers as they set out to beat all odds in the name of their ideals. Their gripping story is told over the course of three “episodes” packed with action, drama, beautiful cinematography and an excellent cast.

Do yourself a favor and buy a copy, sit down and watch it. Just make sure you’ve cleared your schedule because I guarantee that you’ll want to watch it in its entirety in one sitting.

Lionsgate maintains a healthy status as a global content leader with a wealth of over thirty television shows across more than twenty networks as well as their diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution. This Blu-Ray release is a testament to the quality products they release throughout international markets for viewers to enjoy throughout the world.