CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Linda Le – Vampy Bit Me

Not many people can claim they have been cosplaying for 20 years, unless you are Linda Le. The 32 year old cosplayer and model first started cosplaying at the age of 12, and since then has gone on to attract a world wide following. Also known by the names ‘VampyBeauty’ or simply ‘Vampy’, Le has attracted fans via her love of the art and dedication to her costumes.

Choosing her own fabrics, doing her own make up and cutting the wigs herself are part of what has earned her world wide fans and respect the respect of her fellow cosplayers. Not only does Le not rely on others for her costumes, but she also nails the character details in her portrayals. Which is a big deal among comic and anime fans who are quick to notice mistakes, and not afraid to point them out. Adding to this is Le’s open love of all things ‘Geek’.

While ‘Geek’ and ‘Geek Culture’ have become a catch phrases for almost anyone who cosplays, Le is the real deal with her love of all things ‘Geek’; as she continuously shows in her social media. One way she shows this is her dedication to the Psylocke character. Le is most likely one of the only, (if not the only) cosplayer who can lay claim to portraying very version (so far) of the character with great accuracy.

You can follow Linda Le ‘Vampy Bit Me’ on Facebook and her Official Website