CosPlay Cutie of the Week: WindoftheStars

WindoftheStars, based in Nevada USA, has been actively cosplaying for the past ten years. The over 90 costumes she has worn to date is one of the reasons she has become so popular.

Currently, her social media shows over 200,000 fans from around the world. That number continues to grow as her media presence gains notice. WindoftheStars is listed as one of the “20 Cosplayers to Watch in 2015” by the website TheRichest. She is also a recognized ambassador for popular anime (and Asian media) website Crunchyroll. This is a good fit for WindoftheStars as she is a self confessed anime junky.

Drawing a majority of her cosplays from anime, WindoftheStars makes her own costumes and props. Her work is of such a high calibre that she has even made a Game of Thrones costume for the series creator George R.R. Martin. However, she does not allow her growing success to isolate her from others.

Through her official website (link below) one can find videos and other tutorials that WindoftheStars has created to share her costume making knowledge and experience.

When one looks through WindoftheStars’ public media, it will come as no surprise that she does what many others do not. She freely share her knowledge and her media pages are filled with her interactions with other cosplayers, details on where she will be appearing and posts of ordinary day to day life. This approachable, honest side of her makes it easy to understand why she has, and continues to be, so popular.

You have follow WindoftheStars on Facebook, or through her official website, where you can also find her store and videos.


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