Lady Gaga Pops Out a Boob Picking Up a Pizza (PICS)

Lady Gaga cracks me up. When the paparazzi comes rushing in she covers her face but not her breasts. She was caught outside this New York pizza place picking up a pie. Picking up a pie without a bra or a shirt. Don’t get me wrong New York pizza is awesome. I just have the habit of getting dressed before picking up a wheel.

Lady Gaga on the other hand has no problem walking the streets of NYC nude or should we say half naked….let’s make that topless. She is staying true to being “born that way” and by that way I mean naked so kudos to her.

The funny thing is anyone who clicked on this thread is probably a dude. Most dudes really don’t like Lady Gaga’s music. We will however not pass up a chance to take a look at a pair of breasts. The same could be said about Taylor Swift or Iggy Azalea. If we mention Taylor Swift or Iggy Azalea naked the fanboys come running. However, Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea’s breasts are for another day.

It you want to see Lady Gaga pop out a boob picking up a pizza with her pepperoni nipples click the photo below. Also, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions here.