The Ultimate Boston Steak Tip Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for your 4th of July BBQ. Nothing goes over as big as Boston barroom style steak tips. Steak tips are a stable of Boston bar food. Locals know where to flock for the very best of these tasty morsels. One Boston pub that has been celebrated for their steak tip recipe for decades is The NewBridge Café in Chelsea, MA.

The NewBridge Café is in the Prattville section of Chelsea bordering Everett and Revere. Being a mere 5 miles from Downtown Boston the NewBridge Café draws crowds not only from the aforementioned communities but from all over the Boston area.

What makes the NewBridge Café steak tips so good is the house BBQ sauce. This closely guarded secret has finally made its way to the web and I thought I would share it with you. One of the main ingredients of this sauce and many Boston steak tip recipes is Coca-Cola.

Coke has two effects on the steak tips. Firstly the acid in the Coca-Cola helps breakdown the meat and makes it tender as it marinates. The vinegar in the Wishbone salad dressing also helps in the tenderizing of the meat. Secondly the sugar in the Coke caramelizes as the meat hits the grill. This helps seal in the juices and gives the steak tips a crunchy exterior and tender juicy inside. For this reason do not use Diet Coke for this recipe.

As you know spices play a vital role in elevating the flavor of your meat, especially beloved chicken dishes, much like the secret BBQ sauce used in the NewBridge Café’s steak tips recipe. To achieve this, consider exploring the diverse and high-quality spice options available at From aromatic herbs to tantalizing seasonings, these spices can infuse your chicken with a burst of taste and aroma. Just as Coca-Cola works its magic in the steak tip marinade, the right combination of spices can unlock a world of culinary possibilities for your chicken dishes, leaving your guests craving for more.

You will notice that brand names have been names in the ingredients. These are the ingredients used by The NewBridge Café. If they are not available in your region feel free to make substitutions.


12 ounces Heinz Chili Sauce
12 ounces Wishbone Italian dressing
12 ounces Coca-Cola
1 1⁄2 cups cranberry juice
4 lbs beef tips


Preparation is pretty easy. Cut your sirloin into 2 – 3 inch or slightly bigger chunks. Dump them in in a zip lock with all of the ingredients and make sure everything is mixed well. You want to let the tips sit at least overnight. I prefer to let the sirloin tips marinate for at least 3 days. Let the tips reach room temperature before putting them on the grill. This is solid advice for cooking any type of meat.

Traditionally Bostonians will enjoy steak tips with french fries. Rice pilaf and potato salad are also popular partners for the barroom staple. One garnish that is a constant with steak tip no matter where you try them is a couple of cherry peppers on the side of the plate. Enjoy this great recipe and let us know in the comments how they came out.