Review: Costa Del Mar’s Pawleys – Hotter Than the Sun They Shield You From

I find a lot of guys just don’t get it when it comes to sunglasses. This may be because there are few fashion accessories targeted towards men. Still, that is not an excuse for some of the fashion faux pas I see committed on a daily basis. Even if you are not what you would consider a fashion conscious guy, ponder this for a second.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Even a guy with zero interest in fashion will at least have a pair of sport shoes (sneakers), casual shoes (boots, loafers) and a pair of formal or dress shoes. Now count how many pairs of sunglasses you have. If the answer was one you have some work to do.

Nothing looks as weak as a guy in a nice suit with a pair of sport frames on. While rational fashion sense tells us we can wear a formal fashion accessories with casual attire, i.e. a suit jacket with jeans. It inverse does not work, sneakers with a nice suit. The same goes for your sunglasses.Sport frames with a sport coat don’t work.

Premium sunglass manufacturer Costa Del Mar has you covered. Costa Del Mar has an array of frames and styles that are great for the beach or the boardroom. You may ask why I am suggesting this particular brand. Not only are Costa Del Mar sharp looking but they also have the clearest lenses on the planet.

Today we are going to look at a pair of glasses that will be a go to pair for most occasions. The Costa Del Mar Pawley. The Pawleys have a classic retro look upgraded with an array of cool fashion forward lenses. We reviewed a pair with tortoise frames finished off with gold trim and mirrored lenses. The nice thing about the Pawleys is they are dressy enough to wear with your favorite suit but cool enough to accompany your most comfortable jeans and tee shirt.

The frames are comfy with rubber pads for the bridge of your nose and along the temple tips. This ensures a snug fit and prevents the glasses from sliding off your head. The Pawleys also feature spring hinges providing more comfort and never giving you that squeezed feeling around the temples that budget glasses give. Where the Costa Del Mar Pawleys really shine is the lenses.

The optics of these glasses are really sharp. When putting them on the world seems to turn to high definition. The 100% polarization kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain. This is coupled wiEditors-Choice1th 100% UV light blockage protecting your eyes from the harshest of elements.

The Pawleys are handmade, you can see the attention to detail and immediately feel the quality when they hit your face. This quality is also backed with a lifetime warranty.

With four frame colors and twelve different lens options there are countless combinations to choose from making your pair of Pawleys truly fit your personality. No longer are you tied to the same boring mass marketed glasses that are sitting unnoticed on every other face. When you are wearing a pair of Pawleys people take notice. I know this for a fact. I have been wearing the Pawleys for a week and have been stopped by friends and strangers inquiring about these great glasses.

The Pawleys are hotter than the sun they shield you from and can be found with endless shapes and styles on Costa Del Mar’s website. You can also find more information on Costa’s Facebook page and their Twitter feed.

Company description: They say your blood pressure drops as you cross the causeway to Pawley’s Island in South Carolina. This town is renowned for its laidback lifestyle, awe-inspiring beaches, and powerful surf. These sunglasses featuring a new retro construction will add to that relaxation and keep you ready for anything.