A Steamer Trunk and a Steaming Hot Naked Girl (PICS)

Traditionally trunks were called “steamers”. That is fitting seeing this girl from StonedGirls.com is steaming hot. I don’t know what it is about a girl with a blunt but for some reason stoned girls seem so much hotter.

StonedGirls.com have rolled out this brunette smoke show in black lingerie. Talk about classic! Making her sexier is the 6 inch heels and the 4 inch joint she is holding. The great thing about this post is our dark haired beauty is not all StonedGirls.com have to offer.

StonedGirls.com is the premier internet location for news, reports and info on weed, paraphernalia and get this…having sex high on weed. Yes, a website full of hot women telling us the best ways to pleasure them after a deep bong hit.

Take a look below, is this not the dream girl of every man in the free world? The great thing is you can click on the picture and see the entire stoned out nude spread. Naked smokeshows and weed does it get any better than this?