Lady Victoria Hervey Goes Topless on a Yacht (PICS)

Once again our friends from across the pond have us stumped. We came across these pictures of Lady Victoria Hervey topless on a yacht. Of course we were wondering who the hell she was and were informed she is the elder daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol. Sure that makes sense to us Yanks.  It seems like everyone in the UK has some sort of title. Perhaps if the United States remained under British rule I would now be Sir Cletus P. Stillwater Jr. Lord of the Trailer Park on Yazoo and keeper of Panther Swamp.

Victoria Hervey has done a lot of TV work so here celebrity is build a bit on her work and not the fact she is an English crumpet with a bullshit title. However I don’t think she has ever been naked in any of her roles. I find this interesting because the BBC will allow TV shows to do nude scenes.

So digging a bit deeper Lady Victoria Hervey is the U.K. of Paris Hilton. The big difference being Lady Victoria Hervey doesn’t have a sex tape, at least not one that has been leaked or hacked. I am sure if she called her American counterpart Paris would be quick to give her tips on having sex on film with night vision.

The thing here is Lady Victoria Hervey was born in France and sunbathing topless or even nude is no big thing for the French. When we uptight Americans see it we act like little schoolboys and post the boobies all over the internet. So a word to Lady Victoria Hervey if you don’t want to be all over the internet naked don’t walk around topless.

Lady Victoria Hervey currently lives in L.A. where she is getting plenty of work as a guest on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Fashion News Live. I am wondering what fashion tips you can give to someone just wearing a bikini bottom. I will dare say Lady Victoria Hervey wears it well, the 38 year old has a hot cougar look to her.

It you want to see Victoria Hervey topless on a yacht click the photo below. Also, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions here.